The End Of The Vampire Diaries

The 10th March was a date in many people’s diaries as the day one of their beloved TV shows comes to an end. The Vampire Diaries – starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley – came to an end after eight years of success on 10th March this year.

Hayley Russell, fan of the TV show from Ontario, Canada, said: “I started watching The Vampire Diaries when it first came out it 2009. I loved watching supernatural kind of stuff like vampires so it interested me. I was sad that it would be over but I knew a show can’t go on forever.”

There has been a lot of dispute online about how the much loved TV show was drawn to a close with people saying it was ‘too cheesy’ but also saying it was ‘it was the saddest moment of their life.’

“I was happy with the ending and that the final scene was with Stefan and Damon. I would have wanted Elena and Stefan to be with each other till the end because of the fact that the show started with those two and they were each other’s first love.

“I always had a feeling Stefan was going to die but there was a part of me that was still surprised that they did kill him off. I wasn’t expecting Stefan to give Damon the cure though”

Throughout the broadcast of the finale, the hashtag #TVDForever was trending on Twitter.

On the night of the finale, many of the cast took to social media to say their goodbyes to the show and their fans.

Chris Wood, who plays Kai Parker the deranged Gemini twin/heretic, tweeted: “I’ll always be grateful to #TVD for the doors it opened for me, the people it put in my life, and @julieplec letting me kiss @iansomerhalder.”

He also added “I friggin’ love that guy. Kai will always be one of my favourite roles. #TVD.”

Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon Salvatore the good boy/bad boy vampire, also tweeted: “Wow saying good bye to 8 years… wow. Thank you all!”


Top Ten Villains from The Vampire Diaries

  • Kai Parker, played by Chris Wood – recurring role from Season 6-8
  • Klaus Mikaelson played by Joseph Morgan– recurring role in Season 2, main cast in Season 3-4 and guest star in Seasons 5 and 7
  • The Huntress/ Reyna Cruz played by Leslie-Anne Huff– recurring role in Season 7
  • Markos played by Raffi Barsoumian– recurring role in Season 5 episodes 17 – 22
  • Sybil played by Nathalie Kelley– recurring role in Season 8
  • Cade played by Wolé Parks – recurring role in Season 8
  • Ripper Stefan played by Paul Wesley– recurring role in Season 1-8
  • Wes Maxfield played by Rick Cosnett – recurring role in Season 5-6
  • Katherine Pierce played by Nina Dobrev– recurring role in Season 1-5 and appeared in Season 8
  • Julian played by Todd Lasance – recurring role in Season 7

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